Jon Davis wasn’t born in Texas, but he got here as soon as he could, as the saying goes. A proud graduate of TCU in History and Political Science, he met his wife Andrea and the made Fort Worth their home. After a stint in the corporate world he went on to earn his MBA from the University of Dallas. But like most entrepreneurs, he soon gave into the urge to run his own business. That pull took him in the direction of his lifelong passion: baking. While technically a franchise, Great Harvest offers a model that allows for creativity and flexibility to do what is right for the local market and customer. This model, and access to some of the best wheat in the world was what attracted Jon to this model and company. The buildout of their current location (1305 W. Magnolia) was completed 3 years ago and their doors opened for business to a very warm welcome from the surrounding community. Great Harvest has a mission statement that reads: 
Be Loose and Have Fun.

Bake Phenomenal Bread.

Run Fast to Help Customers.

And Give Generously to Others.

As you will find out, Jon and Andrea strive to instill every one of these lines in their bakery. 

Jon’s passion for baking and his commitment to the community has created the ideal conditions in which to develop recipes that draw from the classics while addressing today’s gluten-free/vegan/keto preferences in some items. Adaptation seems to be the key and he is endlessly pursuing recipes and new ideas to fuel the appetite of his customer base. There are 5 ingredients which remain constant in all of his yeast breads. Those are: flour, water, salt, yeast and honey. This is “bread the way it ought to be.” His creative process comes into play with the additional ingredients.  The sourdough starter was gifted to him by a fellow bread maker and he delights in feeding it twice a day as is required. “It takes a lot of flour” he lamented but in his unassuming manner, Jon told me it’s the best sourdough in the city.

This baker, husband and father of 3 young children (6 year old boy, 5 year old girl, and a 2 year old girl) takes his involvement with the community seriously. His baked goods only stay on the shelf for 36 hours before they’re put on the donation rack which is an important part of the stores community outreach. Those baked goods are regularly given to non-profits, local churches, 5k fundraisers. Last year, Great Harvest won partner of the year from One Safe Place for their donations. Jon also partners with the Monkey & Dog Bookstore (3608 W Seventh St. 76107) which hosts a special story time from 9-10:30 AM  the first Saturday of each month. The generous interactions with the non-profits, his passion for baking and his strong business background has created the perfect trifecta for a business that’s experienced impressive year over year growth. His 2020 objectives are to double his catering and B2B (Business to Business) customer base and further developing his artisan bread line is on Jon’s radar for 2020. 

Jon’s oldest son has a passion for basketball and Jon said he showing point guard skills. Transitioning from his bakery to his home life, Jon shoots hoops with his son almost every night. While his wife may not always be in the bakery, she is a crucial sounding board to the business. From consulting on marketing strategies, finding recipes, to holiday promotions to help drive the business, even if she is on the road for work herself. If not baking during on the weekends, you can find Jon and his family at TCU for football, basketball, and baseball games. 

As The Great Harvest Bread Co. approaches its 3 year anniversary at the end of January, the team has some exciting events planned to celebrate. Fort Worth Foodies will keep you in the loop on the specials and happenings. He’d love to hear from you with your ideas of items you’d like to see him carry or catering events you’d like to plan. His contact information is:

Jon Davis

Great Harvest Bread Co. 

1305 W Magnolia Ave,

 (682) 708-7228

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